What I Offer

Build your Nutrition Intuition and become a Confident Eater!

Your physical, emotional, mental, and creative activity levels can be supported + optimized with nutrition. I’m here to help.

Do you feel like you have tried to “eat healthy”, but it’s either overwhelming, frustrating or “doesn’t work”? Do you feel good but know that you have the potential for more energy, better digestion, and fewer nagging issues? Do you feel like you’re either “all in” or “off the wagon” and can’t find a healthy balance in your relationship with food?

You deserve a relationship with nutrition that is confident, flexible, and intuitive.

Using my Total 10 Nutrition Framework and customized coaching, we can work together to make sustainable, invigorating changes to your lifestyle. We can make what to eat one of the easiest choices of your day- so you can get back to focusing on the other important things in life.

    Nutrition Coaching

    • Weekly 1:1 counseling sessions to set, track, and celebrate achieving your wellness goals
    • Unlimited access to me via messages and voice memo for questions & funny food memes
    • Full access to the Total 10 Nutrition Framework (including shopping lists, plate blueprints, and daily checklist worksheets) + ranked lists of GI and antioxidant-rich foods to help you customize your shopping carts
    • Initial 60 minute consultation to dive into your personal and family health history
    • Individualized supplement guidance and specific food recommendations.
    • **Bonus: Weekly 30 minute yoga flow video!

    All the support you need to feel the changes you’ve been dreaming of.

    $250/ month, 3 month minimum.

    My clients focus on:

    • Seeing through nutrition “fake news” and fueling themselves based on facts and personal experience
    • Eating in a way that supports consistently high energy levels, stable blood sugar, and fabulous physical performance
    • Honing their “nutrition intuition” so that holidays, eating out, or family gatherings are enjoyable rather than stressful
    • Managing chronic conditions through dietary choices
    • Improving their mindset around food so that grocery shopping, meal planning, and snacking become enjoyable and easy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Got a question? I’ve got answers!

    (Unless it’s algebra, then you’re on your own.)

    Will you give a meal plan?

    Meal plans treat everyone the same, whether you’ve had a busy day, it’s your best friend’s birthday, or you’re getting over a cold. They also distance you from your ability to “diagnose” what food your body needs in the moment and give it that support! I can provide a framework to get your started and update it weekly, but I will never “prescribe” a meal plan, calorie limit, or macronutrient count. Ever.

    Do I need to be vegan/vegetarian?

    Nope! I personally chose to eat plant-based, but it’s just that- a choice. I do recommend a diet focused around vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts (and chocolate, honestly) because it has been scientifically proven to be the most effective diet for longevity and vitality. I’ll tell you what to prioritize, but I’ll never tell you what you “can’t” eat- you are the expert on what makes your body feel good. If you’re interested in transitioning to a more plant-based diet I can help with that, but I work with people from all dietary camps.

    I want to work with you, but don’t have the resources right now.

    Reach out to me, and let’s chat. Health should be a right, not a privilege- if you feel confident that I’m the right fit to help you, I want to make that possible!

    Can you help me lose weight?

    I consider weight changes to be a possible side effect of health-promoting behaviors. When you start to own your nutrition, your weight may go up, down, or stay the same, but I encourage you to focus on other goals instead! I will never ask you for your weight or measurements, and they won’t be part of our check-ins. Instead, we’ll focus on things like increasing physical endurance, improving digestion, better mental focus, and smoothing out “hanger” episodes. Your weight is the least interesting thing about you- there are so many more important things to get excited about!

    Do you work in-person or online?

    Both! I am currently based in Brooklyn, NY and happy to meet clients in person. I also love seeing clients through FaceTime and audio calls, and am happy to work around your schedule/time zone. There is always time for your health!

    I'm an athlete/active person. Can you help me reach my goals?

    YES! I have always been active, from dancing professionally to teaching yoga and lifting weights. I can help you tweak your nutrition to reach your performance goals and break through plateaus, as well as help you navigate training on a plant-based diet. I also specialize in helping athletes move away from precise tracking and into a more intuitive relationship with fuel that still allows them to see results

    Want to learn more?

    Have a question about how this works, or want to see if we would be a good fit? Email me and we can have a free chat to get to know each other!