5 wine, flowers at the door, and cauliflower gnocchi?


Must be Trader Joe’s!

I never understood how people “missed their grocery store” until recently. (Living abroad can make you homesick for things like your favorite microwaveable dinner or a Publix sub– where are all my Southerners at?)


But, one step into a Trader Joe’s after a few years… I knew I was hooked!

It’s affordable.

It’s not super big.

They sell pretty much everything dipped in chocolate.


What’s not to love?

Best of all, Trader Joe’s carries tons of convenient products that help you get you TOTAL 10 in. (Haven’t downloaded your copy of my Total 10 Foods for Daily Vitality yet? Click here.)

After several requests, I’ve compiled a list of my current favorite products from Trader Joe’s!

This list is a roundup of frozen, refrigerated, fresh, and dry finds that are exclusive to Trader Joe’s, are plant-based, are made from health-supportive ingredients, and taste awesome.


Trader Joe’s rolls out new offerings all the time, so I’ll do my best to keep the list updated!


Did I miss any of your favorites?


Let me know or send me a picture of your next grocery haul on Instagram, @snackwithsara.

Happy Shopping! 



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