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Hi there!

I’m Sara. I’m a morning person, I put tahini on everything, and I’m a big fan of the “Jazzy Dinner” playlist on Spotify.

I believe in our maximizing our health with nutrient-dense choices, a pleasurable relationship with food, and a rule-free mindset. I’m here to support your whole-self wellbeing and nutritional empowerment. 

Are you ready to break free from the confusion and hone in on nutrition practices that meet the needs of YOUR body + mind, so that you can be your best self?

Here’s how I can help:


1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Completely individualized nutrition guidance, including supplement and meal prep recommendations, lifestyle shifts, and unlimited support + accountability from me.

We work systematically through my Total 10 Nutrition framework to build food confidence and take your health to the next level!

Structure without Restriction.

Support without Guilt.

Unique to YOUR needs.

Get to know the Total 10…

The Total 10 Nutrition Framework is the foundation for good health that I use with all of my clients. I’m not about counting calories, macros, or eliminating foods- instead, I work with a MINIMUM number foods to eat per day. The Total 10 is the list of 10 foods I strive to include, at a minimum, every day- and I want to share them with you for free! Drop your email address to receive my Total 10, as well as sample day of eating + recipes that will help you feel your best.

Eating well can seem overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be.

Paleo. Vegan. Keto. Mediterranean. Flexitarian. Intermittent Fasting. The list goes on and on in an attempt to make us buy in to programs and products we don’t need! The truth is, YOU are the expert when it comes to your health. I’m here to help you rediscover and hone your innate “nutrition intuition”. I don’t just give you a meal plan, I give you the tools to recognize what will best serve your body, how to easily prioritize those things in your everyday life, and stop feeling frustrated and crazy around food, so that you can use your valuable time and energy doing other incredible things!

About Sara

Nutritionist / Peanut Butter Aficionado

I’m Sara, a performer-turned-nutritionist who loves helping people choose delicious, nutritious food with confidence. After spending years auditioning and performing around the US and internationally, I realized what made the most difference in my performance and mental health was my diet. I became a certified nutritionist when I realized that my biggest passion was rediscovering my nutrition intuition, and helping others do the same!

I believe in the power of vegetables, and the power of ice cream.

I believe in confident > clean.

Clean eating” is centered around rules. Rules about what to eat and when. Rules about what a “healthy lifestyle” looks like. Rules about how we measure our success and that of others in the pursuit of a fulfilled and fueled life. Clean eating is strict diets, expensive superfood supplements, bizarre habits, and toxic restrictive thinking.

 Confident eating is centered around freedom. The freedom to decide what is best for our body in any given moment. The freedom to take ownership over our relationship with food. The freedom to grocery shop, meal prep, enjoy dinners out, savor midday lattes, and experience holidays with equal ease. The freedom to resist Diet Culture’s insistence that we are not doing enough. The freedom to use food and nutrition to support the kind of lives we want to live. 

I want to help you sort through the nutritional BS, figure out what foods are optimal for your lifestyle and goals, and teach you how to eat confidently.

My Approach

 I treat each client like the unique human they are- no arbitrary numbers or copy & paste plans.

My Process

We don’t track or restrict. Ever. Instead, we work together to find sustainable ways to help you meet your goals.

Unique Framework

My Total 10 Nutrition Framework provides a customizable blueprint for eating well that provides guidance without being restrictive.


“I am so thankful for the helpful information that Sara provides when it comes to nutrition and seeking a healthy lifestyle! She has helped me change my relationship with food and the way I approach health and eating. With her genuine spirit and approachable attitude, she redirects your attention to the true benefits of nutrition that help you be your best self. I’m so grateful for her guidance and encouragement!”


“Working with Sara has made me feel that it’s not too late to get on track with health. Her warm approach is so inclusive, and I can’t help but praise her ability to be so flexible with what is given to her to work with. With just a few changes I began to see results immediately when it comes to me body’s energy and functioning scale! Sticking to the plan she CUSTOMIZED for me (being aware of a pre-existing condition) has made me proud to show off my me results!”


“Sara’s love for food and life are infectious and intertwined. She helped me understand that my relationship with food does not need to be and should not be fraught with fear, restriction, and anxiety. It should be joyful, exciting, nourishing, and fun physically, emotionally, and mentally. When I fell down– and there were many times– she was there to help me stand right back up. Full of compassion and without judgement, Sara has given me the tools to find freedom, pleasure, and peace in my relationship with food.”


Snack E-book now available!

Stumped about what to snack on?

My collection of 25 portable and simple recipes will help you create creamy spreads, dreamy cookies, and protein-packed treats for all-day energy without the blood sugar crashes.

Vegan, gluten-free, nutritionist approved and totally delicious!


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